Commercial Litigation

When operating a business, important decisions will constantly arise and often require careful advisement concerning the ramifications and consequences of the decision and whether the business’ interests are protected.  Legal counsel is an integral part of that process, and the main focus is to assess and advise the business of its available options and potential consequences.

A primary concern of any business, corporation, or financial institution is long-term success. Extended court battles can prove a drain on resources, endangering or disrupting productivity and profitability. Commercial disputes are unlikely to simply resolve themselves which is why involving legal counsel in the early stages of a dispute will proactively address issues in a way to prevent matters from becoming worse. The sooner a commercial dispute is resolved, the sooner business can return to normal.

Our firm is prepared to provide legal counsel equipped with necessary skills and experience to represent a business in the following business-related matters, regardless if the party is on the plaintiff or defense end of the dispute.

  • Business Fraud Litigation (knowingly provide false information in a contract in order to entice another party into a deal)
  • Breach of Contract Litigation (failure by a party to adhere to the conditions of a contract, intentionally or not)
  • Construction Lien Litigation
  • Lender Liability Claims
  • Commercial Collection Claims
  • Commercial Lease Disputes
  • Business Dissolution and Disputes (when the shareholders, owners or partners in a company or corporation come into conflict)
  • Partnerships Disputes
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Insurance Litigation (when disputes over coverage arise between insurers and the insured.

If you are the owner or officer of a business and are involved in a dispute or wish to seek counsel as to any legal matter concerning the business, contact Gilman & Allison, LLP.  In representing businesses, we understand the importance of cash flow and profitability of the business and, accordingly, can offer various fee arrangements that best suit the needs of the business.

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