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Consumer Law

With success in both federal and state court, our firm is prepared to provide legal counsel to protect consumer’s rights.  Often consumers are unaware of their rights in regard to debt collection, credit disputes, credit transactions, deceptive trade practices, and many more issues.  However, in Texas, and other states, there are statutory protections that impose restrictions on sellers, credit card companies, debt collectors, etc. to not engage in certain activity against the consumer.

To name a few, these consumer laws provide legal remedies to a consumer:

  • Federal Consumer Protection Act
  • Federal Debt Collection & Practices Act
  • Texas Debt Collection Act
  • Texas Deceptive Trade & Practices Act
  • Texas Insurance Code violations
  • Texas Property Code & Texas Foreclosure Act
  • Texas Personal Services Act
  • Texas Disclosure to Purchaser of Property Act
  • Texas Seller’s Disclosure of Tax Payments and Insurance Coverage Act
  • Texas Residential Construction Liability Act

The debt collection suits have statutorily prescribed damages, but in cases involving deceptive trades or practices, a consumer may be awarded for economic damages, damages for mental anguish, and possibly punitive damages.  The viability of a claim will depend on the circumstances of the case.

The process of recouping against a deceptive seller or debt collector can be burdensome, but involving legal counsel at the early stages will result in a smoother transaction.  Because there are statutorily provided causes of action, certain legal requirements must be met, which is why early involvement of an attorney can only benefit the consumer.

To learn more about consumer law, or if you have been the victim of harassing debt collector calls, credit card companies, etc., contact Gilman & Allison, LLP for a free confidential consultation and evaluation of your case.

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