Insurance Litigation

In Texas, the Insurance Code regulates trade practices in the insurance industry by defining unfair methods of competition, such as wrongful denial of coverage and bad faith insurance disputes.  On occasion an insured person may be facing an insurance company who has wrongfully refused coverage or proposed low-figure settlements for a covered asset/property.  Texas statutes protect insured persons by preventing these types of unfair practices.  To have a working insurance system, insurance companies cannot try to dodge their obligations or make deals that ultimately harm the insured.  The following are instances where an insurance company could be in violation of the Texas Insurance Code:

  • Misrepresented  policies or financial condition of the insurance company
  • Bad faith settlement practices
  • Failing to explain to the insured person  why they were denying coverage
  • Failing to make a settlement offer to a third party leaving the insured person subject to litigation.
  • Failing to process and settle claims according to the Texas Insurance Code.
  • Failing to make prompt payments according to the Texas Insurance Code.

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