Texas parents who own an Ikea dresser will want to make sure that the one they own is not subject to recall. The retail giant began a recall of 17.3 million of its dressers in 2016 and has since either repaired or returned 1.54 million of them. Its dressers are known to tip over when pulled on by children, and they have killed a total of nine children so far.

Ikea has paid out $96 million in settlements to the families of those children who were killed, and now, it may be facing a class action lawsuit for a separate matter – the inadequacy of its recall efforts. The claim was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, where Ikea headquarters are located.

According to the lawsuit, Ikea has deliberately made it inconvenient for customers to return their dressers, sometimes refusing to take back the products. There are also allegations that Ikea would provide customers with store credit rather than the refund they were promised upon returning their dresser. In addition, the retail giant is allegedly failing to contact those with the defective dressers and advising others to simply anchor their dressers to the wall, thus minimizing the dangers.

Those who think they can set up a class action suit may want to consult a lawyer who deals in products liability cases. There are several criteria that must be met for a class action to be valid, such as a similarity in the situations that were faced by each class member. That way, there is no risk of inconsistent rulings. The lawyer may evaluate the case and give advice and guidance through every step.