Car accident damages are a resource for victims to help them through the difficult time that follows an unexpected car accident. A personal injury claim for damages can hold a negligent driver responsible for the injuries the victim suffered accountable and also help with the victim’s damages.

Personal injury damages can help victims with their physical, financial and emotional struggles following a car accident including:

Medical expenses

Medical expenses can include medical expenses related to the car accident such as ambulance time, time at the hospital, doctor’s visits, medications and medical equipment. Additionally, if the victim will require ongoing medical treatment and care, they may be able to recover compensation for their future medical care costs.

Lost wages

Lost wages may be recoverable by car accident victims who are unable to work because of the injuries they suffered in the car accident. Additionally, depending on the severity of the car accident victim’s injuries, they may also recover compensation for lost-earning capacity. Both types of damages may be available depending on the harm the victim has suffered

Pain and suffering damages

Pain and suffering damages may be available to help injured car accident victims with emotional trauma oftentimes associated with a car accident.

Car accident victims can face challenges returning to work and mounting medical bills and expenses. They can also suffer emotional consequences after being unexpectedly injured in a car accident which is why victims should be familiar with how a personal injury claim for damages against a negligent driver can help them through the aftermath of an unexpected car accident.