In Texas, the energy industry requires many workers to be stationed on the water. The work they do can be dangerous with proximity to flammable items, heavy equipment used, the need for teamwork and risk management. When there is an accident, it can lead to an explosion with the potential for injury and death. Maritime workers who are injured and families who have lost a loved one in these accidents should be cognizant of all the potential challenges they may face in the future.

Burned maritime worker files lawsuit

A man who was seriously burned after an explosion has filed a lawsuit. In the explosion, four of the man’s coworkers died. The ship they were working on hit a pipeline, causing the explosion. His attorneys are asking for $100 million. Named in the lawsuit is the owner of the boat, the owner of the pipeline and others. According to his representatives, there was no plan for that pipeline and its unexpected presence was a contributing factor to the accident and their client’s injuries. The man is recovering from his burns and is home. Still, he needs to return to the burn unit for treatment and has a long recovery ahead of him.

Maritime workers face specific risks

There are inherent dangers with working in maritime jobs. Being burned in an explosion as this worker was is one such risk. There are certain steps that should be taken after an accident to ensure that the worker is protected in case he or she needs to file a lawsuit for compensation. Depending on the severity of the injury, a worker can be saddled with massive medical expenses, the inability to work for an extended period, the need for long-term care and treatment, and other problems. A legal filing might be necessary to recover sufficient compensation to cover for all that was lost.

Consulting with legal professionals is vital

There are many factors in a successful legal filing after a maritime injury. The claim must be filed in a timely manner, all the evidence must be accrued and organized, and understanding the long-term implications of the injuries is essential. With this man having been severely burned in an accident that killed four others, it is wise to pursue legal compensation. Those who are working in the maritime industry and are injured should follow suit and consult with a legal professional experienced in personal injury claims.