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Business Litigation

Fighting For Your Business, In Or Out Of Court

Your business relies on other people and companies to keep up their end of agreements. When they don’t — when your shipping companies don’t deliver on time, when a dispute arises over the fulfillment of a contract or when the products you rely on aren’t properly manufactured — the results can impact your bottom line and your business as a whole. You might also face conflicts over employee contracts and other challenges.

When your business faces a dispute, work with an attorney who has both experience and a willingness to fight for you. , has years of experience helping Texas businesses defend their interests in and out of court, and we are prepared to put that experience to work for you. When you need to defend your business in litigation, we are here to offer straightforward legal advice that you can rely on.

Litigation Representation For A Variety Of Disputes

Any dispute is a threat to your business. Not only do issues like breach of contract threaten your ability to do business every day, but they can also be a costly distraction from your business’s goals. Commercial litigation services we offer include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Disputes between business partners
  • Disputes over business ownership
  • Disputes with business shareholders
  • Employment concerns

We also understand what lengthy litigation can cost your business — time, money and your reputation are all on the line. We will collaborate with you to create a legal strategy based on your business’s needs and goals, and throughout the litigation process, we will work to create the best possible results for both you and your business.

Work With An Experienced Attorney. Work With .

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Spanish-speaking services are available.

Don’t  let  fear  and  uncertainty  prevent  you  from exploring  your  legal  options  when  facing  an  injury,  business  dispute  or  difficult  situation  at  work.  Gilman & Allison, LLP  attorneys  are  understanding  and  ready  to  help.  Our  initial  consultations  require  no  commitment  and  are  free  of  charge. Dial 888-225-5767 (888-CALL SOS) today.

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